What We Do

GEORGIA MENTORS provides business development and management skill training to individuals and companies who desire a higher level of performance.  Unlike many training companies, we do not profess to have all the answers and do not train on any subject matter that we are not proficient.  Our expertise and success is working with business professionals who demand training to be challenging and to be challenged by the training.  Today, because employees wear many hats, they also want an ROI on their time away from the job. 

GEORGIA MENTORS works with companies who may only require several employees to be trained as well as large companies with many divisions.  If you’re looking at our website, chances are you may be looking for skill training because you believe someone on your Staff (or yourself) has the ability to reach a higher level of performance and professional success.

We believe there are 3 Reasons Why People May Not Perform At Their Highest Level:
  1. They are Not Skilled in the task or behavior.
  2. They are skilled, but one or more Roadblocks are not allowing them to perform.
  3. They Don’t Want To perform!
If the person falls into category 1: Not Skilled, Managers usually begin their search for a training course either inside their organization or outside.  Either approach, the question still remains:  “Will the employee come back from training with a new behavior and a new level of performance?”  and “Will I get a return on my investment?”

Your decision on what type of training (if at all) often times has to be made with little information.  Possibly you have a Course Outline and the List of Training Objectives, but then you must still decide whether the dollars you are investing agrees with the perceived value.   Purchasing training is purchasing an “intangible”.

At GEORGIA MENTORS, we don’t want you to have to “hope” for the best or make a decision with less than stellar information.  Because of that, any training you invest in should give you an immediate R.O.I.    If our training doesn’t do that, our policy has always been to return your investment dollars.