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This Web-Based learning experience is modeled after our proven Workshop-Based course of the same name.

Overview: This course is designed for the Gainfully-Employed, the Self-Employed and the Under-Employed. No matter what your role in the business world today, you need people that will buy your product or service even if you are in the Under-Employed and the product is YOU! Your existing customers, the people that buy from you today, once were strangers, weren’t they? Remember when you first met this existing customer, even then you may have been “uncomfortable”. But now, that uncomfortable feeling is just a memory.

Initially meeting strangers and developing new relationships is a skill

At The End Of This Course You Will Be:

  1. Comfortable walking into a room full of strangers and starting a conversation.
  2. Able to establish a rapport level that will make the stranger comfortable.
  3. Skilled in establishing a conversation that will make you memorable.
  4. Skilled in sharing with strangers what you do that will create a curiosity instead of the often times “blank stare” you get because of the complexities of jobs today.
  5. Comfortable moving from the “small-talk” to the business side seamlessly and without the feeling of hardball selling.
  6. Skilled in controlling the conversation with questions that will provide you the answers you need to decide whether a face-to-face meeting would be an ROI.
  7. Skilled in detecting their behavior and modifying yours for a win-win conversation.
  8. Skilled in graciously and professionally exiting the conversation when you are ready.
  9. Skilled in obtaining the future meeting which is the primary purpose of the Power Conversation!

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