How We Do It

So, what is the best way to decide on the right skill training for an individual?  The best Instructor?  Company? 
How do you justify
taking people out of their territories that generate revenue and billable hours?

And this is where GEORGIA MENTORS is unique.  In addition to a money-back guarantee, the Proposal we recommend agrees with what you need to improve an individual’s performance.  We know our solution to your challenge is real because we conduct a Data Gathering session.  You tell us what you need; we don’t offer you something off-the-shelf.

Data Gathering process is designed to meet 3 objectives:
  1. By Interviewing employees selected by you, we discover why they may not be performing up to par.
  2. By involving the employee, we find out what skill-training they believe will increase their performance; the employee loves to share why their performance might not be at the highest level.
  3. Because the employee feels they are integral to their training program and career path, they participate in the training as a Learner and not a Prisoner.
For training to work, the new skills should be applied for at least 21 days to become a habit.  Because of our Data Gathering process, employees return to work and instead of putting the workbook up on a shelf, they apply what they’ve learned!